Eduardo Terranova

Contador - Director General

Eduardo Terranova

Our firm is led by Eduardo Terranova, Certified Public Accountant, graduate from Aconcagua University, with postgraduate studies in Tax Accounting Consulting from the Catholic University of Cuyo. Mr. Terranova is an affiliated member of the Argentine Association of Tax Studies, and has wide experience in university teaching. He has been Director and Legal Representative of National and International companies since 1990, and has more than 30 years of experience exercising the profession as a freelancer.

Out Team

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals. Every day, in every task, they exert themselves to achieve excellence, and they encourage their teammates to cultivate their individual talents and abilities, in view of offering our clients the best service possible. With our main objective in mind – to build long-term relationships with our clients –, we aim at establishing proactive communications, offering

personalized customer service and achieving comprehensive solutions for our clients. And all of this is accomplished, because our team members have a vast knowledge of our clients’ businesses and of their legal, economic and social structures, in Argentina and abroad.

our aim


Our aim is to be a Firm recognized by excellence and prestige in the rendering of professional services, through customized and comprehensive consultancy, with a global view of their needs.



At ETA, we work round the clock to offer our clients first-class services, offering optimal solutions to their needs and guiding them through their growth. The firm’s philosophy is to generate value, in order to optimize our clients’ effectiveness and productivity. Client satisfaction is our number one motivator, and client reassurance, our main concern.


Our Values

Our values have always been the pillars of the Organization. They were not established beforehand, they emerged naturally as the firm grew:

  • Commitment
  • Trust
  • Technical excellence
  • Honesty
  • Ethics
  • Objectivity
  • Integrity

Our Principles

The principles are the set of values, beliefs and norms that guide and monitor the life of an Organization. They are the basis of the Vision, the Mission and the Values. These principles are revealed and realized in our culture, in our way of being, of thinking, of acting. This is how our firm defined its principles:

Who are we?

We are independent professionals who offer quality services and are recognized by their expertise and the generation of value for their clients.

Who do we serve?

We work for small, medium and large companies, either belonging to the public or private sector.

How are we different?

We offer comprehensive services, with a global view of the clients’ needs, adding value and quality to their organizations, managing their business side by side.

Our work methodology

We work using the latest auditing, tax and social security techniques, combined with our ability to construct and think outside established conventionalisms, keeping in mind our personal and professional sense of responsibility.

What do we like?

We like to offer our services in a humane work environment, facing our challenges with common sense and leaving old models behind to build new routes and create new coordinates to arrive safe to destination with our services.