Our services

Our firm provides different services to large, medium and small- sized companies located in Mendoza, Argentina and abroad. Our main purpose is to achieve the highest level of excellence possible in the rendering of professional services. In order to reach said purpose, we rely on a deep knowledge of our clients' business and a thorough and ongoing training of our staff. Based on these principles, we offer a wide variety of services:


We provide internal and external auditing services of financial statements, as well as consulting services related to the effective implementation of control environment and internal auditing. The objective of an audit is to provide true financial information and to express an opinion about the consistency and reliability of the financial information.

Our external auditing services aims -not only- at reassuring the trustworthiness of the information given to third parties, managers and partners, but also at advising on improvements regarding procedures in force and operational efficiency.

As our firm is registered with the Registry of External Auditors of the National Securities Commission and, consequently, all our professionals have an extensive knowledge of the International Financial Reporting Standards and the International Auditing Standards.

  • Audit of financial statements (balance sheet, quarterly balance sheet, special balance sheet and its corresponding supplementary statements and annexes) through the application of Auditing Standards in force, with the purpose of expressing an opinion on said documentation, including those financial statements submitted before the National Securities Commission.
  • Audits of financial statements. Operational, legal, financial and contractual audits
  • Special Audits
  • Advice on financial statements presentation
  • Assessment of internal control systems and issuance of recommendation reports
  • Advice on the preparation of foreign currency financial statements, for special, consolidated and projected purposes.
  • Balance and operation certificates
  • Due diligence


Our Tax Department (outsourcing) is created as a consequence of the growing need of companies to outsource tax services and account management, either because they don’t have administrative offices or because they find it convenient, as regards costs and order.

Our firm provides the following services:

  • Preparation of accounting records
  • Receivables and payables management
  • Financial administration
  • Tax liabilities administration
  • Payroll administration and management


The Tax Department is dedicated to advise clients in matters of tax and social security, which are the two most complicated issues that face companies in our country, and require professional external assistance, as the norms and regulations are very complex and demand a continuous update from the tax professionals in charge. In this sense, our firm relies on highly recognized and trained accountants, who are willing to assist companies of different sectors. As for doctrine, we have set trends and criteria, that arise from our close contact with distinguished professionals and national and local tax collection entities.

  • Comprehensive consultancy in matters of Tax and Social Security
  • Determination of monthly and annual tax liabilities
  • Drawing up of Tax Affidavits, national and local.
  • Tax framework of companies
  • Advice on special operations
  • Tax audits
  • Tax credit recovery
  • Expatriate Services
  • Planning of tax burden
  • Revision of formal and material aspects, related to the provisions stipulated in the Procedure Laws and Tax Crimes Laws
  • Counseling on tax inspections. Advisory services of tax deduction and collection
  • Advice on incorporation and invoicing standards
  • Assistance on tax matters regarding corporate restructuring (merger, spin off, acquisition and transformation)
  • Counseling on International Double Taxation Agreements
  • Non-resident taxation


We provide the following payroll services:

  • Daily, quarterly and monthly payroll calculation
  • Registration and follow-up of procedures in tax entities such as AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenue), health care providers, unions, etc.
  • Drawing up of affidavits and union dues
  • Assistance in tax inspections
  • Payroll audit


We provide comprehensive consulting services, not only on the governing laws of commercial companies, trust agreements and non-profit institutions, but also in matters related to their incorporation, development and dissolution.

  • Incorporation, merger, spin-off, corporate transformation, trusts and non-profit organizations
  • Constitution and management of construction, administration and family trusts, among others
  • Amendments of corporate bylaws and trust agreements
  • Institutional consultancy
  • Acquisition and sale of companies


We offer consulting services with a global view of our clients’ firms, based on our proficiency and experience, and Mr. Terranova’s training as director and legal representative of local and international organizations.