Digital World

Keeping up with the evolution of digital businesses, we work in a virtual environment with state-of-the-art technology and advanced software tools, that allow us to meet our clients’ needs with greater flexibility and efficiency. We have focused on a digital vision and, thus, offer the following:

  • Video conferences with our clients and staff
  • Not only is travel time-consuming, but it’s also expensive. Videoconferencing saves time and money.
  • Home Office for our staff members
  • Clients’ information stored in our servers and secure cloud
  • Investment in HR and technology.
  • Assistance for our clients to digitalize their business

In the case our clients request face-to-face meetings, we can hold them at our firm or at the place the client finds convenient, , as we are able to access our virtual offices anywhere. We do not need our clients’ time or physical space. We focus our efforts on providing efficient and professional consultancy services, taking into consideration our clients’ convenience.

«In this digital evolution, we truly feel nearer, and more inclusive».

Our services

Excellence and prestige in the rendering of professional services.

We provide internal and external auditing services of financial statements, as well as consulting services related to the effective implementation of control environment and internal auditing.

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Payroll Services

Prestamos el servicio de liquidación de nómina o sueldos y jornales (tanto quincenal como mensual), confección de declaraciones juradas y boletos sindicales, auditoría de liquidación de sueldos.

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Our Tax Department (outsourcing) is created as a consequence of the growing need of companies to outsource tax services and account management, because they don’t have administrative offices or because they find it convenient.

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Corporate and Trust Business Services

We provide comprehensive consulting services, not only on the governing laws of commercial companies, trust agreements and non-profit institutions, but also in matters related to their incorporation, development and dissolution.

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This Department is dedicated to matters of tax and social security, the two most complicated issues that face companies in our country, and require professional external assistance.

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We offer consulting services with a global view of our clients’ firms, based on our proficiency and experience, and Mr. Terranova’s training as director and legal representative of local and international organizations.

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