Proofreading And Copy Editing Services

We offer a range of publication solutions designed to offer end-to-end support, including translation, responses to peer reviewer comments, typesetting, book editing and design, and more. Every edited document is reviewed by a senior editor in order to completely eliminate errors in grammar and language. Our professional editors specialise in trade fiction and non-fiction texts. They include traditionally published authors as well as publishing professionals such as literary agents and Big 5 publishers. He or she must be precise, detail-oriented, and adroit in grammar and word usage.

proofreading and copy editing services

Get your manuscript copy-edited or proofread by a professional editor. If we’re reviewing your digital content, our team of SEO beginning words for sentences specialists will also get involved. We’ll ensure that your edited content will appeal to your audience and to search engines.

How long will it take to match my manuscript with an editor?

We’re so certain you’ll be pleased with our services that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Get Started Get Instant Quote Try for FreeGet 400 words proofread and edited for free. If you become a regular client, I may offer ongoing discounts at my discretion. I don’t provide discounts the first time you use my services, as I prefer to encourage and reward an ongoing working relationship. You’re asking me to edit and proofread work in a format other than a Word or Google document. In a blog post titled «ChatPGT, NLP and Project Management», the author attempts to examine use of ChatGPT, NLP and artificial intelligence in project management. To get to know more about use of NLP and AI in project management.

Why am I slow at reading?

You could have lost focus, or you were not interested in what you were reading. It might be complicated material with numerous uncommon words. However, too frequent regression is a cause of slow reading, according to a study.

Creating original content to be published under another person’s name is called ghostwriting. Furthermore, copy editors are expected to query structural and organizational problems, but they are not expected to fix these problems.

Circumstances when we may charge more than the price shown

Documents are always returned to you within the requested time frame, and we can accommodate even the tightest of deadlines, from three days, to one day, to three hours, to one hour. Importantly, argumentative essay definition we don’t charge international students more to use our services than native English speakers. Unfortunately, it is standard practice among most of our competitors to do exactly this.

proofreading and copy editing services

The editing was thorough and professional and I really appreciate her help. Her notes were also of great value and I made use of them in minor rewrites. It is abundantly clear to me that Gatekeeper is quite serious about attention to detail and enabling the nascent author to produce something to be proud of. It is therefore my intention to continue with Gatekeeper through the process and to engage your illustrator to work on the cover. Again, please thank your editor for providing such a glow to the Gatekeeper brand. Need an expert to look into your website content writing or interview transcription?

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This might be beneficial if you are looking to self-publish via KDP or if you are hoping to approach a literary agent or traditional publisher. We can also help further with our Literary Agent Package and our KDP Publishing Package. While the purview of a copy editor will vary from contract to contract, most copy editors will not handle ‘big picture’ issues such as characterization, plot, or structure. Copy editing takes a much closer view of a manuscript — focusing on individual sentences and paragraphs.

Our copy editors delve deep into the text, correcting content-related issues like word choice, sentence structure, style, and voice. Before returning your document, our proofreaders carefully review the final text to ensure it is free of spelling, grammar, and formatting errors.

Do I need an editor, proofreader, or copy editor?

Or if you have registered as a customer, you can login to your customer account to download the edited document. Try our Bullet Speed service to ensure you receive your completed document within 72 hours or less. When you make your order, simply upgrade by clicking on the Bullet Speed box. «I’ve felt so comfortable while and after contacting eContent Pro. They are fast in responding, and I received a high quality of editing.» «The services are fast, efficient, & high quality. I recommend them to anyone requiring quick turnaround and accuracy.»

Those invited can view and edit the document together in real time. Unlike Google Docs whose files can only be shared through the web app, Dropbox shares from a desktop app. Dropbox users can share documents as links or as shared college essay conclusion examples folders. Users can create shared folders and add others to the folder. Files in a shared folder will appear in the other user’s Dropbox and all involved users receive notifications when edits are made to a file in the folder.

Other Editorial Services

This ensures that the copyeditor isn’t spending time editing content that may be deleted or rearranged after a line edit. I hope this clears up the difference between copyediting and proofreading and helps you understand what you need to make the best decision for your book, whatever that is. The kinds of errors in grammar copyeditors catch are not life-threatening, but they make the difference between a professional book and writing that comes across as amateur. However, this doesn’t mean that the Internet has limited the scope of a copy editor’s responsibilities or job opportunities.

  1. We accept orders online 24/7, and we offer as fast as 30-minute turnaround for small documents.
  2. The cost for light editing of 3,000 words is approximately $105 and the price increases for more involved levels of editing, such as $300 for very heavy editing.
  3. Your document will be edited by a native English speaker who is an expert in your subject area.
  4. Enforce a consistent style and tone in a multi-author manuscript.
  5. Captain Words has handpicked top editors and proofreaders from around the world.

I can generally edit around 8,000 words a day and aim to return most work within five business days. When you request a quote from me, let me know when you’d like the work back. We’ll how to be a good american essay 300 words agree on a deadline, and I’ll return the work to you on or before that date. If you’re not sure if your work needs special editing, please let me know and I will be happy to clarify.

Frequently Asked Questions

Users can apply revisions and choose which level of markups to view under the Show Markup dropdown menu in the Review ribbon. Users can also choose to accept or reject changes by clicking either Accept or Reject in the Review Ribbon. We will work diligently to provide professional editing and proofreading services that ensure expert error proof correction and any other requested forms of review and modification. Our goal is to create consistent, accurate and complete work for your organization to distribute and/or share. Two proofreaders will proofread your document for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization errors. Next, your editors will edit for sentence structure, clarity, formatting consistency, and style.

Useful in many word processors, a track changes feature allows users to make changes to a document and view them separately from the original document. In Microsoft Word, users can choose whether to show or hide changes by clicking track changes under the Review ribbon. Those editing documents can leave comments by clicking wherever the user desires to leave a comment and clicking New Comment under the review ribbon or by highlighting text and clicking New Comment.

Why Is This Service Useful?

In addition, you will receive a cover letter for journal submission and a manuscript assessment report. With free multiple-round editing for 365 days, this is the perfect service for journal publication as it allows you ample time to revise your paper until it is accepted by the journal. Our Quality Assurance process for our editing and proofreading services is rigorous, and all of our processes are independently verified according to global standards. In this post, we’re going to break down the differences between copyediting and proofreading in order to help you understand the editing process better. You can also use this post to decide which one you’ll need for your manuscript.

  1. This service includes all the elements of proofreading, in addition to addressing issues like style, tone, layout, flow, structure, and more.
  2. Ordering our professional editing and proofreading service is quick and easy, and we guarantee the quality of our work.
  3. Freelance copy editor and proofreader, specializing in working with first-time authors, for both traditional and self-publishing.
  4. We’ll introduce you to your Project Manager, and they’ll be available to assist you, whatever your needs.
  5. Depending on what level of Copy-editing and Proofreading you require, you can have just some of these rounds or all of them.

One editor in particular, Maxwell Perkins, was sought out by writers such as Fitzgerald, Hemingway, and Wolfe because he greatly improved the work of quote introductions these prominent authors with his editorial eye. Perkins was known for editing, guiding, and befriending his writers – but the times were changing.